Our mission is to become a national ranked club
by committing to play and train at the highest level available


Our players do not try out for a team for the season, every day is a tryout! 
Players will compete weekly for team spots.


We plan to scale into 16 teams over 8 age groups from 11-18 which will compete nationally.


We plan to support ages 3-9 in our grassroots program and ages 11-18 in local leagues.


Our outreach program addresses ages 3-5 through onsite visits by our trainers at preschools. 

about us

Charleston Academy was founded by Sport Venture Group in 2018 with the mission to develop players to the highest international standard, which will allow their teams to challenge for national titles making the club a nationally recognized brand. 

We believe in supporting our partners, federation, national and regional competitions as our primary platform for competition. This means playing as many national qualifiers as possible and competing in our own regional national qualifying tournament annually.

Our programs are designed around developing international caliber players and to do this players need to compete in the best tournaments, matches and training consistently. Our players do not try out for a team for the season, every day is a tryout! Players are selected into age groups with floating rosters and compete weekly for team spots.

We do not only operate academy programs, but grassroots, league and outreach programs as well.

We maintain best of breed relationships across the sport industry and are seeking only best to join us on this journey.

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